Mobile App Development

The revolution witnessed personal gadgets, especially mobile phones, replacing many things in our present lifestyles. For example, the traditional television channels for gathering information, approach to markets, restaurants, banks and many such places. Now, these all could be done through online mode just by clicking on a ‘go’ on certain apps and thus proceeding through it, without the need to move. These all are possible because apps play a vital role in making one's life easier. “Mobile application development” refers to the process of creating applications for “personal digital assistants” and “mobile phones”. These apps are designed to function on a particular mobile platform, be it “Android” or “iOS”, with a specific operating system.

Process of Mobile App Development

To come into existence, an app has to go through many procedures; the process of mobile app development mainly has six phases. The phases are Strategy and producing a strategy for analyzing how the business can run more smoothly through the help of the app. This can be done through identifying the app’s purpose, its target audience, competition in the market and goals and objectives. The next step is Analysis and planning, and under this step, the idea of making the app takes a shape and turns into a project based structure. Identification of the requirements of the app and preparation of product roadmaps are required. Things to be more concerned about are cost, resources and time. Next comes Designing an app in such a way that its main purpose would be to reduce the efforts of the customers as much as possible and deliver seamless experiences that too with a well polished look. Now the app developing process, which starts with defining the technical architecture, picking the technology stack and considering the development milestones. Testing the app after designing and before launching is the next process under app development to provide an erect free experience to the customers. The basic information as well as the feedback or comment section of an app falls under the last Deployment part.

Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

As customers are more used to mobile phones to gather information, enterprises are thus leveraging sensors to offer more relevant offers and advertisements. There is a growth in application stores of apple, Google, as well as windows too, leading to the increase in such apps usage as well as directly impacting social networking too. Microbase Infotech is an app making company from Kolkata is considered to be the best for mobile app development, which can be proved through several researches done and the company’s apps reviews as its apps allow users an easy access to their desired products, information, and services in real-time.