POS Application

Your one-stop solution for retail management. Our POS app allows you to manage all storefronts remotely with fast policy settings, user and records management, and centralized administration.

What is a POS Application?

Technically speaking, a point of sale application at a retail establishment is where you handle the sale of tangible things. A store point of sale app is used to process orders, handle payments, and checkout.

Point-of-sale software makes it all possible by connecting hardware, like a cash register or credit card reader, with software that processes payments made with credit and debit cards, manages inventory, tracks sales statistics, and gathers customer information.

Why do you need a POS Application?
  • Order processing

  • Billing across geo-locations

  • Allow tracking of inventory across multiple outlets

  • Improve the client experience

  • With the help of cloud POS systems, shops may operate from anywhere

  • Keep your customer data safe

  • Deliver accurate and thorough sales reports.

  • Streamline the processes

  • Track and tailor loyalty programes based on order sales

Selecting The Top POS Apps

Recognizing the intense challenges of today's competitive business environment, success relies on selecting the best POS software.

You need a complete, cloud-ready solution that includes all the latest POS technical elemnets for your business, such as operating systems, application servers, database technologies, and sector-specific applications.

Things to watch for, include :
  1. Complete, integrated POS software

  2. Cloud-enabled

  3. Mobile-ready

  4. Secure

  5. Modern UX

What To Expect From Microbase Infotech POS Application?

We offer Web-based POS software, a powerful web-based solution that operates on any device.

Web-based POS systems have traditionally needed a dependable internet connection. With our POS application, retailers can fully utilize the cloud to make sure that their POS functions even when they are offline.

We offer cutting-edge POS features that enable you to manage anything from almost anywhere, review reports, and increase business productivity—all from the comfort of your living room. Whether you sell in-person or online, you can easily sync everything, from your inventory to your sales.

Launch, manage, and expand your retail business with Microbase Infotech's POS software.

Key Benefits
  • Runs on any device

  • Cloud and web-based

  • Offline POS app

  • Manage your inventory

  • POS billing app

Microbase Infotech Advantages
  1. Runs on any device

  2. Cloud and web-based

  3. Offline POS app

  4. Manage your inventory

  5. POS billing app

  6. Master entry form of Stock, Branch, Salespersons, Employees

  7. Purchase and sales

  8. GS Entry / Stock Entry (for allocation of the finished product to different branches)

  9. Entry of Sale Detail from Different Branches

  10. Bank sheet entry (The statement received from the bank for payment made by Card)

  11. Stock Adjustment, Stock Return, and Showing Stock position

  12. Incentive calculation for Salespersons

  13. Full Financial Accounts

  14. Reports Module

  15. Perfect POS apps for small business

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We apply cutting-edge technology to create every software to make it effective and affordable for businesses.

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