Software Development

In this post-pandemic era, developments of personalized software has become a “New Normal” for most of the global companies especially in India where continuously growing populations has brought a serious problem in communication among the various stakeholders of the company. Implementation of software has not only felicitated the communication but also has eased the entire production and delivery process of an organization. It includes the digital education system after the pandemic. This trend of digital communication has been introduced significantly in India after Demonetization, when most of the important banking processes have become digital in order to achieve all transaction and property details of a citizen.

Software Development Cycle

This entire process is named as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which includes six steps. These steps are:

Identification of the purpose: In this step, a thorough market research is done in order to identify the context of implementation of the software in a particular commercial ground. For example, in supply chain management this software is used for monitoring the delivery streams.

Analysis of Requirements: This step defines a detailed outline of the components of the software including scopes, tasks and various testing parameters.

Design: In the third step, the actual development process of the software is started with drawing the flowchart including advanced specifications of the technicalities. A Design Specification Document (DSD) includes the architectural designs of the software.

Development: According to the DSD, the software is developed by the programmers. This step includes various coding processes. JavaScript is mainly used in this internal coding. These codlings are aligned with external codlings in which Visual Basic is used mostly.

Testing: After compilation of the coding, bugs are removed by several tests running of the software. The proper synchronization among internal and external codlings is tested in this step.

Future of Software Development in Kolkata And India

Future of any industry depends on the demand of the product offered by that industry. In the case of Information Technologies, the Indian market is mostly dependent on American Consultancies for the past few decades. However, this center of gravity is tending to move toward eastern countries due to increasing demands. In this context Techasoft is one of the best Software Development Company in Kolkata, which provides cloud solutions, Enterprise Mobilities and end-to-end security systems in both web and mobile applications.

Software Development process can be described as the process of developing specific programmers that are collectively implied to execute some dedicated jobs for commercial purposes. This had shown the actual context of digital communication in the Indian economy later in every part of the government and private sectors of Kolkata. Various emerging Kolkata software development company provide the same quality of services as Techasoft or Infosys. This will reduce the expenses of client companies for developing dedicated software.