Website Design

Web designing has come a long way after the first website was launched in 1991. Web designing is a form of art in which the contents are planned and then arranged in a website. There are seven simple steps of website designing. In the Goal Identification step the main purpose of that website are identified by developments of a proper flow chart. In the Scope Identification step, the scopes of usages of that website are detected through assessing market demand. Most website designers in Kolkata use these to develop their content. Then Content creation is done and in this step, the required contents are included in that website. This is the most important part of web designing.

Types & Steps of Web Designing

Testing is also included in this process and once the website is developed, a trial run is done through various search Engines and portals to check the compatibility of the website in various online portals. Lastly, after the entire development and testing is done, the website is launched in network systems. On the other hand Wireframe Creation is the step in which once the scopes are defined, a wireframe is developed using C, C++, or JavaScript. In this current era of globalization, there is an increasing need for dedicated websites for both personal and commercial purposes. In India, especially in Bangalore and Kolkata, there is a significant number of start-up entrepreneurs in local markets, who are gradually growing national and then international level businesses. Microbase InfoTech is a Bangalore based web developer company, which is opening their branch in Kolkata and it can be considered as the best website design and development company. Initially web designing is the main tool for a company to reach a better productivity and customer services. There is a tendency of these companies to develop an application, which can reduce the efforts of customers to avail products and services offered by that company. One of the main reasons for expansion of this industry all over India is centralization of digital communication systems under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Web Design & Development Company in Kolkata

Overview This centralized digital communication system has provided “Direct to Home” service through which the communication between the consumers and the service providers have become more prominent than before. As a result, the web designers have the freedom to implement many technologies to develop websites to provide a better customer experience in using those websites. For example, all the three technical methods incorporated by Microbase InfoTech are the Client-side technology, Server-side technology and Database technology. Therefore, it is one of the best web design & development company in Kolkata. There is a dedicated research and development team for each of these web developer organizations to innovate more feasible ways for these technical implementations.